Meet Up 3

Being a teacher is fun in some ways, especially when you meet your pupils later after a long period of time and they had grew into teenagers or adults. Suddenly they already entering the employment world and taking their own responsibilities.

From art class room to dining room at Ta Wan, we share past stories, life progress and dreams. So yeah, being a teacher is fun indeed.

Keep moving forward!

Meet Up 2

Sometimes I think that each person has two very different kind of friend groups, the professional one and, of course, the wild one. So tonight was my wild one kind of friend group meet up. It takes place on Yoshinoya at Grand Indonesia. And like usual it always me and MA (initial) who arrived first. We kind a suprised when we find out that Food Louver was fully filled with hungry people so we must find another place to eat.

From Yoshinoya to Starbucks Reserve, from hi how are you to have you heard this gossip chit-chat. It was always fun to see my friends gather. I wish all the best for us, cheers!


Meet Up

Finally I get the chance to meet up with my old friends from college. Most of the time I can't join them because of my main transportation, TransJakarta's Bus, doesn't have the route to the meet-up place.

From the meeting at Hummingbird Eatery, some people go, while some hold on, some people change, while some stay the same. But, I guess that's life. While the main topic are always about the career that each of us lived on and of course, love and marriage. After all I'm happy to know that everyone are healthy and keep moving forward, cheers!

Not full-team, but still we are having a good time